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Hey guys! How is everyone doing?

Well the conventions are finally over. I had a great time with everyone at the convention and met a whole much of great people. I have a table for next year so I will see you guys there again!

I went to a sweet release party this last Friday for Pokemon X and Y with Elyse. I met a whole bunch of people and made a bunch of new friends. We added each other on our 3DS systems and I ended up getting 30 people... Apparently its awesome for the Safari Zone later.

Me and Elyse have been playing Pokemon for the last 3 days. I think we drilled 24 Hours into the game in total. Everything is amazing about this new game. I love the new 3D look of the game, it brings depth into the whole game. The distance between towns feels more reasonable and more of an adventure at times. I love the interaction now between players who are registered in your game. Everything feels smooth and the new O-Power system is really cool. I am especially a fan of the new Super Training you can do with the pokemon now. Its really fun and feels more engaging. It really brings out the whole training experience/interaction with your pokemon. However it makes me a little sad as I used to do EV training to my pokemon and custom breed pokemon with certain natures to do PVP. The old school way of EV training felt a little more liberating as it took HOURS to find specific pokemon to grind (I literally murdered thousands of Pidgys and Tentacools... XD).

The game is a huge thrill. I keep finding myself wanting to play more and more. I'm glad I picked Froakie. I LOVE his final evolution. I am also glad they brought back the first generation starter pokemon. Every aspect of the game has been really fun so far. If you are a Pokemon fan, I definately recommend picking it up as soon as possible, if not this game is a great starting point for people who have no knowledge of pokemon as well.

On a side note, I hear that the more friends you have registered on your 3DS, the more chances of finding different types of pokemon in the Safari Zone. With that being said, I have attached my friend code below, what is everyone's friend code? (drop a comment on here with your code and ill add you!)

3DS friend code: 0662-3449-0739

PS: I have created a facebook page for my artwork. If you like my artwork and would like to follow my posts on facebook for sketches, tutorials, progress shots, behind the scenes, other fun nerdy stuff, come by and like my page! (link posted below)


Love, Allen 雅

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Allen Ho
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I like Art, Blades, Boobs, Comic books, Corgis, Cows, Disney, Dragons, Guns, Food, Funny, Hair, Lions, Martial Arts, and Sci-Fi.

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